10 Books About Volcanoes for Kids

10 Books About Volcanoes for Kids

Why V for Volcanoes? Well, apart from my name starting with V, we have lots of volcanoes in New Zealand. Much of our nation’s landscape was shaped by them, creating many of our mountains and our largest lake. Today, volcanic activity provides geo-thermal energy to a large area of the country. There are 50 volcanic […]

U is for Universe – A Collection of Favorite Books

U is for Universe - A Collection of Favorite Books

The Universe is infinite, but the library resources on the universe is not! This year my boys have been studying astronomy, planets, stars, and everything related to the universe through our homeschool co-op. This list is our favorite books that we have used. Many on this list have been checked out multiple times from the […]

10 Transportation and Truck Titles for Toddlers

10 Transportation and Truck Titles for Toddlers from LibraryAdventure.com

Babies and toddlers LOVE trucks, trains, planes and automobiles!  Here are a few of our favorite books on this beloved subject: 1.  Freight Train by David Crews I love this book for toddlers! A great read aloud and it is always fun to name the train car colors. Very simple text, bright, eye-catching drawings. If […]

12 Sewing Books for All Ages

12 Books About Sewing For All Ages from LibraryAdventure.com

I like to sew. I don’t have near as much time to sew as I would like, but I still like to look at sewing books and fabric. I can dream, right? A goal of mine is to teach all of my children to sew, too. None of them have to become a great seamstress, […]

8 Books About Rockets

8 Books About Rockets

Hi there! For the letter “R”, I chose to do a collection of my favorite books about Rockets! As a mom of a 6 year old boy, we are always reading books about space, astronauts, rocket ships, and planets! I hope this collection is out of this world! 1. Mad About Rockets, Stars, and Outer […]