Folktales, Fairy Tales, Fables, and More

Folktales, Fables, Fairytales, and More

What exactly is a folktale? A folktale is a story or legend handed down over a long period of time. They often explain something that happens in nature or relates a truth about life. Often, there is a moral to the story. They may explain how something came to be. The characters are often people […]

Journey to the Center of the Earth Hands-On Activities

Journey to the Center of the Earth Hands-On Activities on

Journey to the Center of the Earth was originally published in French (Voyage au centre de la Terre) in 1864 by Jules Verne. This adventure begins when German Professor of Geology Otto Lidenbrock (known as Professor Von Hardwigg in some English translations) discovers an ancient manuscript which describes a passageway to the center of the […]

The Train of States (a Review)

Train of States - a review of the book for elementary age students at

“The train of states is rolling by — rush to the window and watch it go! — The very first car? The very first state: — Delaware, of course, — followed by Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia … — fifty in all. — The caboose? Washington, D.C.! Look closely! What do you see? — State birds, […]

Tuesdays at the Castle (a Review)

Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George - a review on

  Long live Castle Glower! I loved everything about this story – the magical castle that grows new rooms, moves corridors and looks after its royal family; the trio of royal sibling who are kind, clever, and brave; the adventure they have trying to save their kingdom from a nasty usurper…it all works together to […]

7 Qualities of Awesome Children’s Librarians

7 Qualities of Awesome Children's Librarians from

An AWESOME children’s librarian is: Accessible Well-read Expert Self-Confident Objective Multitasker Entertainer Read on to find out how you can embody each of these qualities in your own work. Accessible Let your patrons know you’re available to help them by greeting them when they enter the library. Always try to look approachable, even when you’re […]