7 Books to Take on Hospital Visits

7 picture books to take on hospital visits (books about hospitals and books just fun for when in a hospital) - LibraryAdventure.com

Many families with kids with special needs visit the hospital regularly. They know the best way to get to the parking deck. They know many nurses by name. They compile a backup list of ideas to help settle their child for blood work or other tests. (And they also know that, some days, none of those ideas […]

How to Get a Job For Kids

How to Get a Job for Kids! - a Poppins Book Nook post from LibraryAdventure.com

My kids are always looking for ways to make money. My son, in particular, seems to have the entrepreneurial bug. When he was eight, he heard that my mom did not know how to draw. He promptly put together (wrote instructions and illustrated) two how to draw books…and then took them to her house and […]

10 Middle Grade Novels Set in Upstate New York

Upstate New York Novels for Kids

The books in today’s list are all middle grade novels set in upstate New York. Use these titles to broaden your middle grade reader’s knowledge of New York State, and/or give your young upstate natives a chance to see their neck of the woods represented in print. As Simple As It Seems by Sarah Weeks […]

Small Persons With Wings (a Review)

Small Persons With Wings (a Review)

This is a fairy story with a difference. Set in modern USA, these fairies are not sweet, wish granting Tinkerbelles. They are snooty and completely self-absorbed, and the only magic they are any good at is making themselves and their homes look gorgeous in over-the-top Louis XVI style grandeur. The main character Mellie is delightful […]

Newbery Medal Books for Middle School

14 Favorite #Newbery Medal Winners | libraryadventure.com

In college, I took a Children’s Lit class as part of my elementary education courses. One of my assignments was to read 25 Newbery Medal books. That class was one of my favorites in college. I love to read. I love to discover new books. Many of the books I read became books that I […]