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Caroline is a wife, homeschooling momma to two undeserved blessings (one of whom has special needs), writer, picture book fanatic, decaf coffee drinker, former public school teacher, and major library advocate. In addition to writing posts on special needs here at The Library Adventure, she blogs about family, faith, and books at Under God’s Mighty Hand. (including free printables!), contributes monthly to a couple of other sites, and loves to connect on Twitter.

5 Tips for Using Wordless Books with Kids with Special Needs

5 tips for using wordless picture books with kids with special needs, plus a few book recommendations and other resources! {LibraryAdventure.com}

I’ve long been an avid fan of picture books, but, honestly, it took me a while to become excited about wordless picture books. But, now that I see their numerous benefits (and how amazing they can be), I’m a dedicated fan of several phenomenal wordless masterpieces. My son with special needs loves to read. He really […]

5 Picture Books to Practice One-to-One Correspondence

5 Picture Books to Practice One-to-One Correspondence Counting {LibraryAdventure.com} - useful books for preschoolers or kids with special needs

A key skill learned in preschool years is one-to-one correspondence in counting. One-to-one correspondence means your child can count each object within a group by touching it and saying the corresponding number. Mastery of this concept provides initial knowledge to foundational math skills (like addition and subtraction) and proves the child understands that each object […]

7 Books to Take on Hospital Visits

7 picture books to take on hospital visits (books about hospitals and books just fun for when in a hospital) - LibraryAdventure.com

Many families with kids with special needs visit the hospital regularly. They know the best way to get to the parking deck. They know many nurses by name. They compile a backup list of ideas to help settle their child for blood work or other tests. (And they also know that, some days, none of those ideas […]

Using Picture Books to Prepare for a Family Trip

Using Picture Books to Prepare for a Family Trip - tips for kids with special needs and typical-developing children {LibraryAdventure.com}

Many kids with special needs thrive on a routine. (And, really, so do many typical-developing kids…and adults!) When the routine needs to change for a family trip, it can help drastically to prepare in various ways. Of course, picture books can help with that! When we go on a planned family trip, I usually gather […]

Learning Activities for Look Up! Bird-Watching in Your Own Backyard

Learning Activities for Look Up Bird-Watching in Your Own Backyard {a Poppins Book Nook post at LibraryAdventure.com}

Young kids love to get outdoors and explore. They run, play, learn, and enjoy all through exploration. Adults might take certain aspects of nature for granted, whereas young kids view them with great awe and wonder. As parents, teachers, and librarians, we can grab that natural awe and help it blossom into fruitful knowledge and gratitude […]