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Cassondra Freeman is a writer for The Library Adventure

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Cassondra blogs at Beyond the Cover, where she writes about her passions: reading, writing, and homeschooling. Ever since she was a young child, reading was more than just a past-time, it was a hobby. Going to the library was a special treat, which never grew old. After Cassondra’s graduation, she began blogging, where she loves sharing her love of books, making booklists, and writing about her homeschool years for those who want to learn and be encouraged.

Cassondra’s Quick Interview

What is your favorite book?

My current favorite book is Chasing Jupiter, written by Rachel Coker.

What is your favorite book from childhood?

As a young child, my favorite picture book was Love You Forever, which was often read to me by my grandmother.

What is your favorite thing about the library?

I love the library because I can find so many wonderful books that can take you on so many adventures and let you travel the world!

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