What Does Reading Look Like? An Age-by-Age Guide to Reading Milestones for Ages 0-6

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Learning to read begins at birth! No, No, NO, I am not talking about those programs that claim you can teach your 1 year old to read. Technically, kids aren’t really developmentally able to begin to process and interpret printed text in the same way adults can until around the age of 6, but that […]

7 Books to Take on Hospital Visits

7 picture books to take on hospital visits (books about hospitals and books just fun for when in a hospital) - LibraryAdventure.com

Many families with kids with special needs visit the hospital regularly. They know the best way to get to the parking deck. They know many nurses by name. They compile a backup list of ideas to help settle their child for blood work or other tests. (And they also know that, some days, none of those ideas […]

20 Literacy Activities for Kids Who Love Dogs

20 Literacy Activities for Dog Lovers

August 26 is National Dog Day. If you have a dog, or your child wishes you did, commemorate the day with these fun dog-themed literacy activities. Play dog show. (See my pet show game for ideas!) Sing BINGO. Design a dog collar, and write your dog’s name on it. Sing Where Oh Where Has My […]

20 Songs to Develop Literacy Skills in Kids Ages 0 to 5

20 Songs to Develop Literacy Skills in Kids Ages 0 to 5 years from LibraryAdventure.com

Singing with little ones is a fun and easy way to help them develop literacy skills long before they’re ready to sit down and read a book. You can make sing-alongs a regular part of your day by incorporating them into your family’s routine. Below are some suggestions for songs to sing first thing in […]

15 Ways to Find 15 Minutes to Read

15 Ways to Find 15 Minutes to Read

I try to incorporate literacy tips at each of my Story Times. Recent research has emphasized the importance of reading to children for at least 15 minutes every day, but when I suggest this I usually see grown ups roll their eyes and hear groans and complaints about how hard it is to find 15 […]