7 Activities for Your Child to Do During Read Alouds

7 Activities for Your Child to Do During Read Alouds {LibraryAdventure.com}

My preschoolers are just getting to the ages where they are loving read alouds. They’ve always loved reading (I’m so thankful and I know that’s an undeserved gift), including sitting down to “read” their own books before they knew any sight words. They’ve also listened to me (and my husband and other family members) read to them […]

8 Ways to Show Love to Your Library {including tips for special needs}

8 Ways to Show Love to Your Library and Librarians {plus, ideas for kids with special needs to participate} - LibraryAdventure.com

We here at The Library Adventure love libraries. My guess is, since you’re a reader here, you probably love libraries, too. And how could our essential libraries run without some amazing librarians? If you frequent the library as a family and want to show a little love back to your library as well as the librarians […]

Pretend Play Activities for Spot’s Snowy Day

Pretend Play Activities for Spot's Snowy Day - plus, modifications and teaching cues {LibraryAdventure.com}

My son loves to read. (Hear this momma reader shout some praise?) Even with his variety of special needs, he continues to amaze us how he absorbs what he reads in various ways. So, naturally, I often plan our home preschool units based around a book or multiple books on a theme. We love to […]

Books for Kids with Special Needs {A Gift Guide}

Books for Kids with Special Needs {A Gift Guide from The Library Adventure}

Each child with special needs exhibits his or her uniqueness and needs in different ways from another. Likewise, each child wants and needs different things from books, too. So, while I can’t offer the ultimate list of book best for every child with special needs, here are just a few of our favorites, especially for […]

3 Picture Books That Can Benefit Typical-Developing Kids AND Kids with Special Needs

3 Picture Books that Can Benefit Typical-Developing Children AND Kids with Special Needs {LibraryAdventure.com}

The Library Adventure uses affiliate links, please see our disclosure for more info. Once children experience how reading allows quality time with a person they admire and love (whether that’s at 6 months old or 6 years old) while learning or being entertained, most love flipping through a book. The same is true for kids […]