10 MORE Reasons Why You Should Go to Story Time!

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My very first Library Adventure post was 10 Reasons Why You Should Go to Story Time. In celebration of our relaunch, I would like to give you 10 MORE Reasons Why You Should Go to Story Time!

10 MORE Reasons Why You Should Go to Story Time!

10. Increase Focus and Listening Skills in a Group Setting

Young babies, toddlers and preschoolers are often able to attend to a book for several minutes when seated on a reader’s lap in a one-on-one setting. Introduce a group of kids, a new setting, and fascinating new decorations and toys to be explored, and their ability to pay attention to a story often goes right out the window! With patience and continued Story Time attendance you will begin to see your little ones increase the amount of time they are able to sit still and focus on the group leader.

9. Developmental Skills

Story Time offers a wonderful opportunity to increase verbal skills because of the amount of language shared through books, songs, and games. It is a also great place to practice fine and gross motor skills through fingerplays, crafts, and movement activities. Story Time can teach sequencing (beginning, middle, end) and concepts (up/down, big/little happy/sad, etc.) in a fun setting through music, rhyme, and action. Kids have to take in an incredible amount of information in the first few years of their lives and the best way to master these developmental skills is through play. For a wonderful list of the concepts kids should be familiar with by the age of 5 check out this Super Duper Handy Handout!

8. Preschool Preparation

In addition to increasing focus, Story Time also introduces and reinforces many skills that are commonly taught in preschool. Sharing, taking turns, sitting in a circle or carpet square, problem solving and following multi-step directions are all important skills that will be developed once a child begins Preschool. Babies and toddlers will not be able to master these skills, but Story Time can introduce these ideas and it is a great place to practice them in a group setting.

7. Explore New Interest and Learn about Our World

Did you know that penguins and polar bears do not share a habitat and actually live on opposite sides of the Earth?!? I didn’t know that until last year when I planned a program about penguins! There is so much that can be learned about our neighborhoods, cultures, and world through the magic of storytelling. Sign Language, traditions and words from multiple languages, and different cultures are often introduced to youngsters via Story Time.

6. Increased Imagination

Books inspire imagination, as does play. When combined the results can be amazing! Story Time is a natural place to bring the world of books and the world of play together!

5. Print Motivation

According to Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy, Print Motivation is developing an interest in books and believing that books are fun. Print Motivation is one of six basic skills that children need in order to learn to read.  Story Time definitely promotes Print Motivation!

4. Literacy Tips

Learn ways to increase and improve your child’s early literacy skills! Learn why music, rhythmic chants, and crafts are important building blocks to learning to read.

3. Modeling Reading

From very early on kids LOVE to imitate grown ups. When Story Time leaders model the way books work, how to handle a book, use funny voices and expression, they are showing little ones how to tell a story and use a book.

2. It is OK to Make Mistakes

I often goof up the words to chants or songs, or even books I am reading to my groups. Sometimes I even do this on purpose! Why? Well, mistakes can be funny, and we all make mistakes! Children who are learning to read need to understand that it is not always an easy process, even for adults, and that it is ok to make mistakes and try again. Grown ups that are feeling shy about sharing books with their kids need to know this too! Kids don’t care if you aren’t perfect!

1. Story Telling is a Social Activity

So often adults think of reading as something done alone, but for the majority students in preschool through college, reading and story telling are often very public activities. Let’s raise our youngest readers to share the joy of a great story enjoyed amongst friends!

10 MORE Reasons Why You Should Go to Story Time!

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