101 Story Time Crafts for ages 1-6

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101 Story Time Crafts from Anne at LibraryAdventure.com101 Story Time Crafts from Anne at LibraryAdventure.com
101 Story Time Crafts from Anne at LibraryAdventure.com101 Story Time Crafts from Anne at LibraryAdventure.com

Here are 101 Story Time crafts that are age-appropriate, easily adapted, food-free, washable, easy to prep, non-toxic, non-choking hazard, crafts that are not overly messy and cost very little! I have listed theme and book suggestions as well!

Note: Some of these crafts contain googly eyes or small pieces of pipe cleaner, which are a potential choking hazard. These are easily replaced with stickers, paper cutouts or can be drawn in with markers. Coffee filter crafts can be decorated at Story Time and spritzed with water at home OR you can add a movement activity where you fan the filter up and down for a few minutes – they usually dry very quickly this way!

The List:

10 Little Rubber Ducks on Amazon (affiliate link)Duck! Rabbit! on Amazon (affiliate link)Boing! on Amazon (affiliate link)


Paper Plate Rocking Birds
Paper Plate Duck Pond
Origami Dalmatian – Instead of paint try using fingerprints for the spots.
Fork Print Porcupine
Origami Jumping Frogs
Paper Plate Lion Mask
Paper Plate Do-a-Dot Rainbow Snake
Duck! Rabbit!
Washi Tape Penguin
Egg Carton Spring Sheep Print
Cow Mask
Kangaroo Pouch Lacing
TP Roll Owls
Dinosaur Cut Out with TP Roll Legs
Paper Towel Roll Giraffe
Cat Collage from Magazine Pictures – This could easily be used for ANY theme!

Swimmy on Amazon (affiliate link)Octopus Opposites on Amazon (affiliate link)I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean on Amazon (affiliate link)

Ocean Animals:

Paper plate Jelly Fish
Toilet Paper Roll Octopus
Paper Plate Fish
Swimmy the Fish Stamping

The Very Hungry Caterpillar on Amazon (affiliate link)The Very Lonely Firefyl on Amazon (affiliate link)The Grouchy Ladybug on Amazon (affiliate link)


Coffee Filter Butterflies
Fingerprint Fireflies
Caterpillar Hat
Ladybug Hat

Let if Fall on Amazon (affiliate link)Fall Mixed Up on Amazon (affiliate link)


Fall Wreath
Fall Tree Stamping
Paper Plate Apple
Fall Tree
Fall Corn

snowy daysnow happysnowmen at night


Snowflake Stampers
Name Snowmen
TP Roll Snowmen Stamping
The Snowy Day Q-tip Painting

and then it is springbaby loves springplanting a rainbow


Fingerprint Pussy Willows
Egg Carton Spring Flower Prints
Paper Plate Umbrellas
May Day Basket

growing vegetable soupred rubber boot day


Fingerprint Dandelions
Newspaper Seedling Pots
Red Boots & Puddle
Chenille Stem Paper Flowers
Cupcake Liner Flowers

little hen pizzamouse cookie

Food (that isn’t made of food):

Construction Paper Cookies
Paper Plate Pizza
Torn Paper Ice Cream Cones

room broomthanksgiving

Celebrations and Holidays:

Ground Hog Pop-Up Cup
Halloween Ghost Pop-Up-Cup
Construction Paper Jack-o-Lantern
Valentine Tissue Paper Sun Catcher
TP Roll Heart Stamping
Valentine Heart Wreath
Coffee Filter Turkey
Paper Plate Witch

freight traintoot tootpet bus


Traffic Light
Car Puppets
Egg Carton Dump Truck
Fire Truck
Fingerprint Freight Train
School Bus

pajamamittenfox socks

Getting Dressed/Clothing

The Mitten

againdino roargeorge bike

Wearable Crafts/Masks

Dinosaur Feet
Dragon Snout
Paper Plate Hats
Party Hats – would make good princess or clown hats too!
Newspaper Hats – or boats!
TP Roll Superhero Cuff
Pirate Hats

clothesline clueswhose hat

Community Helpers:

Tool Belt
Doctor Bag
Police Badge

catpigeonpiggie and gerald

Favorite Characters:

Thing 1 & Thing 2 Puppets
Pete the Cat Puppet
Elephant and Piggie Paper Bag Puppets


ABCs & 123s

Do-a-Dot Worksheets – Themes: ANY alphabet acrostic or theme letter!
Q is for Quilt Letter of the Week – Themes: ANY alphabet acrostic book or letter of the week theme!
Chicka Chicka Tree

press herebox


TP Roll Circle Prints
Shape Collage
Press Here Collage
Construction Paper Sculpture

wild thingsmoustache


Monster Masks
Baby Puzzle
Self Portrait
Eyes Hand Puppet



Rainbow Shakers – Movement and dance themes
Target Bag Pom Pom – Fourth of July, sports themes
Thaumatropes – could be used with ANY theme!


Other Fun Stuff:

Paint Chip Earth
Paper Bag House
Fingerprint Bookmark






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