20 Favorite Picture Books for Winter {With Printable Book List}

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20 Favorite Picture Books for Winter from the Library Adventure

With the cold weather around our parts the past few weeks, the boys and I have enjoyed snuggling under blankets to read together. It was fun to discover so many stories about how different people (and animals) act on a snow day.

The Mitten Retold by Jim Aylesworth – What will happen when a little boy’s mitten is left in the snow?

Big Snow by Jonathan Bean – David helps his mom around the house while anxiously waiting for a big snow.

Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett – A retelling of the classic Goldilocks, but set in the winter.

Snowmen at Work by Caralyn Buehner – A story of what things would be like if snowmen had regular jobs. Can you find the hidden pictures on each page?

Mice on Ice by Rebecca and Ed Emberly – A fun winter tale about ice skating mice. Great book for an emergent reader.

Danny’s First Snow by Leonid Gore – Explore snow through the eyes of a little bunny who has never seen snow before.

The Missing Mitten Mystery by Steven Kellogg – Annie lost her mitten in the snow. Where can it be? Help her search and find the mitten in an unexpected place.

The Fiddler of the Northern Lights by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock – Henry and his grandfather set out on a cold winter night to find the fiddler who makes the northern lights dance.

Snow Dude by Daniel Kirk – Nick and Kara build a snowman who comes to life. Together they explore the town and invite everyone to build their own snow dudes.

Here Comes Jack Frost by Kazuno Kohara – What is the best way to fight the winter blues? By playing with Jack Frost.

The Snow Day by Beverly Komoda – Four little rabbits set out to create the biggest snow rabbit in the whole world.

Snow Day by Patrica Lakin – A silly rhyming story of four alligators on a snow day.

Sam’s Winter Hat by Albert Lamb – Sam gets a new hat, but has some trouble keeping track of it.

The Snowflake Sisters by J. Patrick Lewis – Join two snowflakes as they fall down all around the city.

Robert’s Snow by Grace Lin – Robert Loves the snow, but when he goes out during a big snow fall, he can’t find his way back home.

First Snow by Emily Arnold McCully – The first snow has fallen!  Where will Grandpa take everyone? Sledding of course.

The Snow Blew Inn by Dian Curtis Regan – Emma is excited to have her cousins sleep over. Snow is falling and the little inn quickly fills with unexpected guests. Will there be room for everyone?

Perfect Snow by Barbara Reid – What can you build out of snow? Perfect snow helps make perfect snowmen.

Snow by Cynthia Rylant – There are so many different types of snow. Which one is your favorite?

When Winter Comes by Nancy Van Laan – What happens when the season change? Leaves fall and flowers wilt. Read this charming story about what happens to the animals.

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