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Newbery Medal Books for Middle School

In college, I took a Children’s Lit class as part of my elementary education courses. One of my assignments was to read 25 Newbery Medal books. That class was one of my favorites in college. I love to read. I love to discover new books. Many of the books I read became books that I […]

10 Newbery Books for a Middle School Book Club

Our book club has been together for almost 5 years and our kids continue to tell us it is one of their favorite school activities. At the beginning of each school year we select books based on the kids’ interests and abilities. For the past couple of years our reading selections have come from the […]

Top 10 Book Lists from The Library Adventure

The Library Adventure took a break from posting for about a year, but we have gained many, many new readers in that time. In the process of relaunching the regular posting schedule, I thought it would be a great time to introduce some of our best content to our new readers in addition to all […]

Booklists from A to Z

The Library Adventure took part in the annual April A to Z blogging challenge with Booklists from A to Z. Here you can find all of the posts on one, easy to reference page! A.) Amish Fiction for All Ages B.) Books My Book Club Actually Discussed C.) Classic Novels for Young Adults D.) 12 […]

A to Z of Library Adventures

The Library Adventure is happy to participate in the annual April A to Z blogging challenge. Our previous challenge was Booklists from A to Z. This year, we are doing the A to Z of Library Adventures. We are covering a wider topic spectrum this year, with posts on how parents can encourage literacy, booklists, […]