About The Library Adventure

About The Library Adventure

The Library Adventure’s Beginning

The Library Adventure was founded by Vicki Arnold in 2013 when she was faced with the quandary of how to fit her love of the library and books into her already bursting at the seams blogging schedule. She wanted a place for others to share their library finds with other bibliophiles.

As she started brainstorming, the idea kept growing and The Library Adventure was born.

The Library Adventure’s Purpose

The Library Adventure strives to be a go-to resource for both library patrons and library workers. While The Library Adventure is for library fans of all ages, there is a special focus on children.

We want to grow generations who understand the value of libraries, particularly in the generations who will not know a time without ebooks, ereaders, and the internet. We want to encourage that love of curling up with a great book and getting lost.

We intend to do this by providing book lists for those who need books on specific topics; activities inspired by great books; book reviews to help you choose great books; resources and ideas for librarians who strive to inspire readers daily; and other helpful content.

Connect With The Library Adventure

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