10 Yucky Chapter Books

Gross out the young readers in your life with this group of yucky chapter books! Dump Days by Jerry Spinelli Best friends JD and Duke spend their summer days digging in the dump for possible treasures, terrorizing rats and dodging bullies, all while they work toward having just one perfect day. Lunch Walks Among Us […]

eXtra Special People: Biographies for Kids

When we are learning about new people in our homeschool studies, we often like to delve deeper into the life of that person. However, sometimes it can be quite difficult to find books that aren’t too dry. I want something for my kids that is full of good information yet will hold their attention. Over […]

BIG List of Weather Books for Kids

Weather is one of the best themes to include in preschool and early elementary learning. Kids love exclaiming when they see snow, rain, or sunshine. They can learn to label different kinds of weather early on in their preschool years. You can discuss and observe weather every day. And, there are loads of great picture books about […]

10 Books About Volcanoes for Kids

Why V for Volcanoes? Well, apart from my name starting with V, we have lots of volcanoes in New Zealand. Much of our nation’s landscape was shaped by them, creating many of our mountains and our largest lake. Today, volcanic activity provides geo-thermal energy to a large area of the country. There are 50 volcanic […]

U is for Universe – A Collection of Favorite Books

The Universe is infinite, but the library resources on the universe is not! This year my boys have been studying astronomy, planets, stars, and everything related to the universe through our homeschool co-op. This list is our favorite books that we have used. Many on this list have been checked out multiple times from the […]