Books about Story Time!

Starting a new Story Time? Looking to perk up your Story Time? Seeking some new material? Check out these books about Story Time! Storytimes for Everyone by Saroj Nadkarni Ghoting and Pamela Martin-Diaz This book, published in 2013 by The American Library Association contains a great deal of information regarding early literacy, best practices for […]

Books About Rain and Rainbows + Activity Ideas

Have you heard the term book-based activities? It’s pretty common in kid blogger circles. It’s a simple concept, read a book and then do an activity that is related to what you read. It is a great way to bring stories to life for kids. So here are 12 books about rain and rainbows for […]

ABC Books – Not Your Everyday ABC Books

Alphabet or ABC books are some of the first books we reach for when introducing children to the alphabet. Katie has some phenomenal advice on more things you can do to support letter knowledge, be sure to check that out, too. If you are looking for some songs to sing to encourage literacy in your […]

Top 10 Book Lists from The Library Adventure

The Library Adventure took a break from posting for about a year, but we have gained many, many new readers in that time. In the process of relaunching the regular posting schedule, I thought it would be a great time to introduce some of our best content to our new readers in addition to all […]

Books & Activities to Explore Snowflakes

Maybe it is because of the popularity of Frozen in our house or just the impending big winter that is forecasted for our area, but all things snow have been on my mind for a while now. Today I have a list of books for exploring snow and snowflakes, plus a list of crafts and […]