My First Steps to Reading (a Review)

My First Steps Into Reading is a great series for introducing your young child to the letters of the alphabet! Each book in the series focuses on one letter and there is a cute little boy or girl character called “Little (insert letter)” who is the primary focus. This character has a box that he […]

The Little Train by Lois Lenski (a book review)

Are you a lover of children’s books by Lois Lenski? If you aren’t familiar with her name, her books might cue your memory. She’s written lovely books like Strawberry Girl, Praire School, and Houseboat Girl for the young reader. But she might be most famous for her books for the littles. She’s written delightful books […]

Dot to Dot (a Review)

  Summary Dot to Dot is the story of how a girl named Dot celebrates her birthday, which just happens to be on the same day as her grandmother’s birthday! It’s also a book about Dot’s grandmother, who is named Dot, and how she celebrates by traveling the globe. My Thoughts This has been a […]

The Cat in the Hat’s Great Big Flap Book by Dr. Seuss (a Review)

What makes The Cat in the Hat’s Great Big Flap Book perfect for the Littles (age 0-4) in the family? It is packed with over 70 seek-and-find flaps that help teach basic concepts such as colors, numbers, letters, shapes, and opposites! We are HUGE Dr. Seuss fans in our family. Those are the books of […]

Back to Front and Upside Down! by Claire Alexander (a Review)

Summary Back to Front and Upside Down! is a story about a little pup, Stan, who is afraid to ask his teacher for help. He is asked to write a message in a birthday card for his principle. As he tries to write the words, he realizes he needs help, but is afraid to ask his […]