BIG List of Weather Books for Kids

Weather is one of the best themes to include in preschool and early elementary learning. Kids love exclaiming when they see snow, rain, or sunshine. They can learn to label different kinds of weather early on in their preschool years. You can discuss and observe weather every day. And, there are loads of great picture books about […]

20 Favorite Picture Books for Winter {With Printable Book List}

With the cold weather around our parts the past few weeks, the boys and I have enjoyed snuggling under blankets to read together. It was fun to discover so many stories about how different people (and animals) act on a snow day. The Mitten Retold by Jim Aylesworth – What will happen when a little […]

71 Childrens Books for Christmas {With Printable List}

With Christmas just around the corner, I started pulling books from our local library. Oh the choices! It seems like all of my favorite authors and characters have a book written just for the holidays. I normally try to put together a list of 20 to 30 books, but there are just too many great […]

14 Apple Books for Kids

The Library Adventure uses affiliate links, please see our policies. Fall is in the air and with fall comes all the things we love! Pumpkins, cider, crisp leaves and APPLES! I’ve put together this collection of apple-themed books, so you can take it with you on your next Library Adventure! Apples by Jacqueline Farmer is a […]

25 Favorite Picture Books for Fall {With Printable List}

The weather in our neck of the woods has cooled off and the leaves are just starting to turn colors.  Fall is definitely in the air!  My boys and I picked out some of our favorite picture books and put together a list for you to use on your next library adventure.  The bottom of […]