Kid-Made Ornament: I Am Blop Inspired

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We’re back! You may have noticed that we’ve been kind of quiet around here. It’s kind of a long, uninteresting story that I won’t bore you with, but the important thing to note is that we are back!

Today, we are going to jump right in with a book-inspired, hands-on project. I’ve recently discovered the world of Hervé Tullet with my three-year-old. They are such fun books. I first heard about the author when Lisa reviewed Press Here here at The Library Adventure. I encourage you to check his work out if you haven’t.

I have joined with Melissa of Mama Miss and many other kid bloggers to bring you 10 Days of Kid-Made Christmas Ornaments. All of the ornaments, over 70 this year, are inspired by a book. Be sure to check out the entire collection.

Kid Made Ornament: I Am Blop Inspired ornament

Kid-Made Ornament: I Am Blop Inspired

This is a fun ornament, but it does involve a hot glue gun. Here are the other supplies needed:

  • parchment or wax paper
  • various pretties – pearler beads, buttons, pony beads, sequins, etc.
  • string

You will also want to have the I Am Blop book on hand, but I think you already know that seeing as you can’t read it if you don’t have it.

Kid-Made Ornament - I Am Blop Inspired


1. Lay the parchment paper on top of the book.

Kid-Made Ornament - I Am Blop Inspired

2. Outline the blop shape with the glue gun. Place a pony bead in the top and attach it to your outline with hot glue. This is where you will hang your blop ornament with a string.

Kid-Made Ornament - I Am Blop Inspired

3. Fill in your blop shapes with your various pretties.

Kid-Made Ornament - I Am Blop Inspired

Kid-Made Ornament - I Am Blop Inspired

4. When you have filled your blops, cover it with hot glue. A full-size glue gun will make this a much easier process than the mini we used. Be sure to not fill in your pony bead that will hang your ornament.

Kid-Made Ornament - I Am Blop Inspired

5. Let your blop ornaments cool and then string your ornament up with the string.

Kid-Made Ornament - I Am Blop Inspired

There you have it! A fun, kid-made ornament inspired by the I Am Blop book.

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  1. This is really fun, my kids love anything to do with beads and other small items.

  2. What a great book you chose. The ornament that you made with the kids is awesome!


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