Kingdom’s Dawn: A Review

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Kingdom's Dawn: A Review | #reviews #series #booksforteens

Finding really great books for Christian teen boys is sort of a difficult task. There really aren’t many books out there on the market that are both Christian and contain good action scenes throughout the books.

I know this, because my brother never really found any books that interested him, because they were either boring, or classics, which he listed as boring. If the book didn’t have good action scenes, adventure, or mystery, you’d have a hard time making him finish a book.

When my brother read, Kingdom’s Dawn, by Chuck Black, he was very intrigued by the story. He would tell me all about it after he read it, because he was pulled into the story outline and the adventure.

After my brother completed the book and the series, I picked it up, because the books did look very interesting! Let me tell you…I didn’t put it down until I finished the first book. I was drawn in immediately and was continually pulled in page after page, chapter after chapter, waiting to find out what happened.

Kingdom’s Dawn is the first book of a six book series called, , which is an allegory of the Bible, taking you from Genesis to Revelations. The time is set in the Medieval Era, where knights, sword-fights, and chivalry was not unheard of. You’re boys (and girls even) will fall in love with good knight, Leinad, as he fights battles against the Shadow Warriors, the Dark Knight’s warriors.

At the end of each chapter, there are questions that you can go over with your children so that they can get a deeper understanding of what the Bible says and how it plays out in the book. A great resource for your homeschooling child or for devotions.

When my brother and I had finished the , we went and bought Chuck Black’s second series, , which is super awesome as well.

I have been fortunate enough to have personally met Chuck Black. He is so awesome. Black was a F-16 fighter pilot, he is also a Christian homeschooling father. (You can find out a little more about him by reading I had with him on my blog, which is super cool.)

When your child(ren) have finished reading Kingdom’s Dawn and the series, they will be wanting to fight for the “King and His Son!”

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  • Title: Kingdom’s Dawn
  • Author: Chuck Black
  • Publication: 2006
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  1. My son loved these books. He couldn’t put them down. He also would spend his money on the next book, because he didn’t want to wait for the library copy.


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