Make Your Own Thanksgiving Bowl

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Make Your Own Thanksgiving Bowl

The Thanksgiving Bowl by Virginia Kroll is perfect for the Thanksgiving season. Each member of the family in this story writes an anonymous “I am thankful for…” note as they arrive for Thanksgiving dinner. They put their notes in Grandma’s favorite Thanksgiving bowl. Then, it’s Grandma’s job to guess who wrote each note. In the chaos of after-dinner clean-up, the bowl is inadvertently left outside where it rolls away. Follow the bowl on a year-long journey where it becomes a token of gratitude for many – people and creatures alike.

Make Your Own Thanksgiving Bowl

How about creating your own Thanksgiving bowl for your holiday dinner? You and your family can create a new family tradition. All you’ll need is some clay to get started. We chose to make our own using this recipe, because we had all of the ingredients on hand. I used my kitchen mixer, but it would be very easy to do mix with a spoon. The consistency is smoother than play-dough, but not as “airy” as Model Magic. It was perfect for our craft.

We rolled out dough flat, and then tore off strips. We rolled the strips into ropes and created our bowls.


We baked our bowls, because we aren’t very patient.


You’ll notice in the picture that there are several bowls in the oven. My coil bowl kept falling flat (as you can see in the back of the pic). So, I got a small bowl and draped my clay over it. That’s another option for creating your Thanksgiving bowl.


Our plan is to take this with us when we go visit family for Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to try to guess which person belongs to each of the “I am thankful for…” messages.


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  1. This book looks adorable – I can’t wait to find it! Thanks!

  2. Cute! I haven’t read this book, but it sounds like a good one.

  3. What a lovely tradition! Well done, your bowls look great 🙂


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