The Nesting Place (A Review)

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The Nesting Place (A Review)

Fans of the popular blog, The Nesting Place will find the popular mantra of Myquillyn Smith nothing new. She’s been writing about “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful,” for years. Yet, with her gorgeous design book that’s more than a design book, Smith explores contentment, battling perfectionism, and facing fears of messing up.

Through Smith’s story of moving into rental after rental, never living in a house that meets her expectations, she sheds her own shame at “not enough” and chooses contentment. She learns to make every house her home, and she lives in the present.

My husband and I have moved 10 times in our almost 12 years of marriage, renting for most of this time. Myquillyn Smith speaks to people like me. I’ve battled with contentment and comparison. I’ve purposely not invited people over because I felt embarrassed about where I lived – because of my house’s size or its state of cleanliness or its location.

Smith’s eye for detail is impressive; however, her fearlessness to make a mess to get to the beauty inspires decorating veterans and novices alike. Her message of embracing imperfection spreads from the blank wall to our relationships to our goals to life. The Nesting Place reads like advice from a big sister, and the pictures surrounding the text evoke feelings of comfort and home.

I’m a fan of the Kindle, but I highly recommend buying this book for your coffee table. It’s simply gorgeous and inviting.

What is your favorite coffee table book?

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  • Title: The Nesting Place
  • Author: Myquillyn Smith
  • Publisher: Zondervan
  • Genre: Adult Non-Fiction
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