10 “Clean” Joke Books for Kids

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10 "Clean" Joke Books for Kids on LibraryAdventure.com

My kiddos all loved joke books when they were about 8-10 years old. However, I sometimes found that even in the children’s books there were tacky and somewhat inappropriate jokes. Jokes about bodily functions. Jokes with words like stupid or dumb. They just wanted to make people laugh, and I wanted it to not revolve around potty humor. So, I set out to find “clean” joke books for them to read and share with their friends.

Awesome Good Clean Jokes for Kids by Bob Phillips

This book is full of crazy riddles, puns, knock-knocks, wisecracks, and tongue twisters for kids of all ages.

202 Good Clean Jokes for Kids by Jessica Van Vleet

Good clean jokes for kids.

Good Clean Jokes for Kids by Bob Phillips

Bob’s original clean joke book for kids.

299 Jokes for Kids by Lizzy Burbank

The first in a series of clean joke books.

777 Great Clean Jokes by Jennifer Hahn

A collection of clean jokes ideal for any age and situation…

Treasury of Clean Cildren's Jokes by Tal Bonham

For anyone who needs a good laugh!

The Everything Kids Joke Book by Michael Dahl

Kids love to tell jokes, and with The Everything® Kids’ Joke Book, they’ll never be at a loss for a good one.

Funny Jokes for Kids by

Geared toward readers ages 9-12

250 Laugh Out Loud Clean Jokes for Kids

The ultimate collection of the very best jokes and riddles

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  1. And what kid doesn’t love to tell jokes! These are great.

  2. I will defintely pass these jokes on to my school on Monday – haha – I’ll even see if some can get on our morning announcements!
    Cheers, sue kuentz


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