What is a Library Card Actually Worth?

Maybe you’ve seen the meme that circulates Facebook every so often that hopes to compel the user to share an image that says something to the effect of “prove everyone wrong, share if you still use the library”. The fact that this even exists is sad. Libraries are such an important part of their communities. […]

10 Reader’s Theater Resources

Reader’s Theater is a literacy activity where scripts are adapted from works of children’s literature and each child takes on the role of a character from the story. By acting out their parts, kids gain practice in reading aloud, including the use of proper inflection and expression and appropriate facial expressions and gestures. This is […]

15 Tips for Story Time Crafting

My Story Times are held in a library that was never intended to accommodate children. Or women for that matter, but that is a different post! Of course since 1760 we have made many improvements and for many, many, many years have encouraged and embraced having children (and women) join us! Including a craft in our […]

7 Qualities of Awesome Children’s Librarians

An AWESOME children’s librarian is: Accessible Well-read Expert Self-Confident Objective Multitasker Entertainer Read on to find out how you can embody each of these qualities in your own work. Accessible Let your patrons know you’re available to help them by greeting them when they enter the library. Always try to look approachable, even when you’re […]

Opening & Closing Songs for Story Time!

Opening and Closing or Hello and Goodbye songs are staples of Story Time! In addition to being fun they provide structure for your group. I usually keep my beginning and ending songs the same every week, but now and then it is fun to mix things up a bit! Looking for a new or different […]