Creating a Safer Internet for Kids

The mission of The Library Adventure is to bring tools and resources to readers, parents, and library workers. We strive to encourage reading for learning and for fun. We recognize that avid readers are usually created when influential adults take the time to encourage children in their reading skills and habits. Parents are hands-down the […]

Quick and Easy Displays for Your Library’s Children’s Room

A great way to decorate your library’s children’s room and promote reading at the same time is to organize books into creative and eye-catching displays. When I was working in the busiest library branch in Washington, DC, I didn’t always have time to sit down and plan out an elaborate display, but I still found […]

Story Time Extras on a Budget

This January I got the opportunity to attend a bit of the American Library Association Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia. I had so much fun!! In addition to getting a bunch of free pre-publication books, I got to also sit in on a Guerrilla Storytime workshop! Guerrilla Storytime was developed by the amazing folks at the […]

The Browsing Room: A Library Activity for First Graders

Last Spring, I worked with a group of first graders who visited my library weekly. I noticed that at the start of each visit the entire class lined up at the children’s desk to ask for specific titles by name. If the book a child wanted was not available, he basically gave up for the […]

8 Ways to Show Love to Your Library {including tips for special needs}

We here at The Library Adventure love libraries. My guess is, since you’re a reader here, you probably love libraries, too. And how could our essential libraries run without some amazing librarians? If you frequent the library as a family and want to show a little love back to your library as well as the librarians […]