Cajun Night Before Christmas {A Review}

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IMG_6325Since my post lands on Christmas Eve, I thought it was only fitting to share one of my favorite Christmas stories with you! Of course, we all know the traditional “Night Before Christmas” story, so I decided to do my review on “Cajun Night Before Christmas“. Not only is this book very funny, but it’s also a part of my culture! {Sidenote: I grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, so I have some cajun in me} My family and I love to read this book every Christmas Eve.

In this book, Santa visits a family living on the bayou. He flies in on a skiff pulled by eight alligators. The alligators names are conducive to the Cajun culture: Gaston, Tiboy, Peirre, Alceé, Ninette, Suzette, Celeste, and Reneé. And Santa goes by “St. Nicklus”. The father of the house watches as St. Nicklus comes down the chimney and leaves presents for the children. However, unlike the traditional version of the story, St. Nicklus does not leave the same way he came. But I can’t give that away…you’ll have to read to find out.

Disclaimer: While this book is very funny and your kids will enjoy it immensely, it can be difficult to read due to the accents and language of the Cajun culture. I think you should give it a whirl though, it would be great for the whole family!

Here’s a list of some Cajun vocabulary words to help you better enjoy the book:

  • Chirren-children
  • Dorg-dog
  • Skiff-coastal boat
  • Tante-aunt
  • Sacre-hot
  • flo’-floor
  • do’-door

I really hope you enjoy reading this book with your family, and experiencing some Cajun culture!

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