On Noah’s Ark by Jan Brett (a Review)

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The Library Adventure- Littles Book Review-On Noah's Ark

Book: On Noah’s Ark
Author/Illustrator: Jan Brett
Publisher: Putnam Juvenile; 1st edition (September 29, 2003)
Format: Picture Book, Hardcover
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Ages: 4-8


The story follows Noah’s grandchild as the family prepares the ark for the great flood. As the waters rise, the child helps to arrange the animals until they are all rocked to sleep by the water’s soothing sway.

My Thoughts

This book is beautifully illustrated. With such a unique style, Brett’s signature look is breathtaking and brings the biblical story of the great flood to life. Throughout all of Brett’s books, she incorporates smaller illustrated picture “windows” that help little minds explore their imagination, often times, giving the reader more opportunity to ask questions and involve their child in the story. In On Noah’s Ark, these picture windows are shaped as animals and my children’s loved shouting out the animal shapes! The illustration style leaves so much room for kids to explore. Hidden creatures, and sideline stories within each page make for a fantastic story time book!

The story itself takes some liberties. We used this book as a great comparison tool. We made sure to read the Noah’s Ark story in the Bible in the same sit down and compared the stories. We found some spots in the story where the author was using her imagination, and some parts where she was writing about what really happened.

Who Would Enjoy It

Like most children’s books, the age range seems a little narrow. I tend to enjoy reading children’s books now as an adult as much as I did when I was a kid! The same goes for the beginning age. My youngest is 2 and she really enjoyed listening to this story. She was into the animal shapes and made some sounds to go along with the ones she recognized. My 4-year-old was just as engaged. He’s an early reader and was helping me read along. Young and old, On Noah’s Ark is a beautiful story.

Use This Book

Some themes that might go along with this book for preschool or kindergarten are:

  • Noah’s Ark
  • Zoo
  • Weather
  • Counting
  • Family
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  1. This is a Jan Brett book I haven’t read. It looks as wonderful as everything else she has written. I must go reserve it at the library now. Thanks for the review!

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