Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (a Book Review)

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Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (a book review) from

My daughter and I have been ploughing through the Percy Jackson series this summer, and only have one more book to go. I feel the same sense of eagerness and dread I felt when starting Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – eagerness to find out what happens next and to meet up with favorite characters again, but dread in knowing that when this one ends: that’s it, no more story. Sometimes it’s hard being a series fan. Sigh…

The first book, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, introduces us to Percy and his world, which turns out to be more than he ever imagined. The premise is that the Olympic Gods are real and exist in modern day USA. The children they have with mortals are called half-bloods (just like Ancient Heroes Hercules and Perseus).

The half-bloods (or demigods) go to a special summer camp where they are trained to be heroes. Once Percy discovers he is the son of the sea god Poseidon, he too has to go to Camp Half-Blood. Here he meets many other children like him, as well as mythical creatures such as centaurs, pegasi and satyrs. In fact, it turns out his best friend is really a satyr who has been protecting him.

And so the adventures begin…

As someone who enjoys history and myths, I love these stories. They are filled with familiar names from many myths and legends. However, even without knowing about Greek mythology, the stories are great to read; well told, action packed and filled with humor that appeals to the tween/young teenager audience.

The author provides enough information about the various monsters, creatures, or mythical characters for readers to understand what is going on. It is a real treat to see how these ancient beings have adapted to life in the 21st century. Picture Poseidon in board-shorts and Hawaiian shirt and Medusa running a garden sculpture business!

Each story follows the main characters as they embark on a heroic quest that tests their wits, battle skills, and friendships. While filled with action, the battle scenes are not graphic. When the monsters are killed, they simply turn to smoke and disappear. Percy and his friends are tumbled from one dangerous situation to another, and along the way, Percy learns more and more about who he is and what he is capable of.

As the series progresses, we are drawn closer to the final showdown: a battle that will either destroy or save Olympus and the mortal world. I can’t wait to see how it plays out… go Percy!

… but wait… there’s more!

For Percy Jackson fans who can’t get enough: the author, Rick Riordin, has created a similar series based on the Olympic world of God and Heroes called Heroes of Olympus. There is also Percy Jackson, the Demigod Files – an inside look into life at Camp Half-Blood including a Who’s Who, Percy’s report and a Guide to Monsters.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your review. It made me want to find this series and share it with the young readers in my family.


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