The Cloud Spinner by Michael Catchpool (a Review)

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The Cloud Spinner by Michael Catchpool (a Review) on

About The Cloud Spinner

The small boy in this book has the very special gift of spinning cloth with threads made from the clouds. He uses the orange clouds of the morning, white clouds of the afternoon, and crimson clouds of the evening to make himself a beautiful scarf.

When the King of the village sees the scarf, he orders the boy to make him a scarf as well. He then demands a cloak for himself and dresses for the Queen and Princess. Although the boy warns against this idea, the King still orders him to do so. The boy does as he’s told and the world around him begins to change.

My Review of The Cloud Spinner

I LOVED this book! I just read it for the first time a week ago. First, the illustrations are absolutely gorgeous. They have these vivid, yet calming colors and the designs are very eye-catching. The pictures are created using a “crackle” type overlay, which makes the illustrations appear to be old paintings.

The story itself is so full of adjectives; beautiful, descriptive vocabulary, that just add so much detail to the story. “Soft as a mouse’s touch …warm as roasted chestnuts…twists of scowls.” I think this would be a great book choice to teach children about how describing words can be used in text to add so much more imagination and details to the story.

The story also has a great lesson to be learned: less is more and don’t take more than you need. The story can be followed up with a discussion with your child about conserving nature’s precious resources.

Related Activities

  • Go on a cloud walk to discover all the clouds in the sky
  • Make a cloud picture journal
  • Discuss with children what other materials scarfs, cloaks, and dresses can be made off
  • Provide a table-top full of a variety of materials, such as yarn, thread, cotton balls, dried noodles, etc. and have children discuss what kinds of materials they’d use to make a dress or cloak
  • Make a cloud sensory bin

Find It in Your Library!

  • Title: The Cloud Spinner
  • Author: Michael Catchpool
  • Illustrator: Allison Jay
  • Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers
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