What The World Eats (a Review)

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What the World Eats (a Review) by Vanessa at LibraryAdventure.com

Food, glorious food!

Food – in all its glorious diversity – plays an important role in our daily lives and affects not only our health but also our lifestyles. Sharing meals is a large part of being a family, and most people would say the kitchen is the heart of their home. Many childhood memories involve food; with special recipes that are handed down, traditional meals and celebrations, or helping Grandma prepare her famous dish.

Much of our time is taken up in gathering, preparing and eating; and for some, this includes growing and harvesting. In many modern, prosperous countries, the food we have available to us is sometimes taken for granted – most of us have no experience of true hunger and are privileged to have fully stocked cupboards with fully stocked stores nearby.

But have you ever wondered how food and eating is different around the world? What The World Eats is a wonderful project that looks at families from 24 countries and shares what they typically eat in a week. The author and photographer spent time with each family while they shopped and cooked, and then shared meals with them. They met locals in rich countries and poor countries, and in towns and in deserts.

Each family is introduced with additional information about their daily lives so the reader gets a real insight to not only what they eat, but also how they live and work. The ‘weekly food’ differences are fascinating and are shown both with a photograph of the family and their food, and a ‘shopping list’.

Comparisons continue with several photo galleries of different kitchens, meals, fast food, street food and meals. Further facts are provided on each country and various statistics are shown in graph; there are even some recipes included to tempt you to try something new.

As well as being visually interesting and thought provoking, the book celebrates some of the many cultures that make up our global community; it is a great way to show that even though we are different, we all have much in common.

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What the World Eats

  • Title: What the World Eats
  • Author: FAith D’Aluisio
  • Photographer: Peter Menzel
  • Publisher: Tricycle Press, 2008
  • ISBN: 978-1-58246-246-2
  • Dewey Decimal Number: 641.3002 M551 2008
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