10 Favorite Pirate Theme Picture Books

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Ahoy Mateys! Do ye landlubbers gots any pirating skills?

This list of our favorite pirate books should get you started on your journey to become a pirate. Daring adventures, tales of the sea, and countless chests of treasure await you in the pages below. I hope you enjoy these books as much as we did!

 10 Favorite Pirate Theme Picture Books

Pirate Boy by Eve Bunting – Danny wants to become a pirate and sail away on a pirate ship. In this charming tale, he imagines what it would be like to have his mom come along to protect him.

Henry and the Buccaneer Bunnies By Carolyn Crimi – What’s more exciting than sailing the seas with a buccaneer crew? Find out about Henry’s treasure in this delightful bunny filled adventure.

One-Eyed Jake by Pat Hutchins – Pirates are sometimes very greedy. Find out what happens when One-Eyed Jake decides to keep his treasure instead of his crew.

Pirate Pete’s Giant Adventure by Kim Kennedy – Join Pete and his loyal parrot as a sea-fairy grants their special wish. Will Pete be able to find the elusive sapphire or will he run into trouble with a giant?

Pirate Pete’s Talk Like A Pirate by Kim Kennedy – Do you have what it takes to be a pirate? Are you stubborn, cranky, dirty, and can you fire a cannon? Most importantly, can you talk like a pirate?

The Erie Canal Pirates by Eric A. Kimmel – You can find pirates in many places other than the open ocean. Travel the Erie Canal with merchants trying to outrun the pirates.

Robin Hook Pirate Hunter by Eric A. Kimmel – Robin Hook was found at sea and raised to be a pirate. When he grew up, Robin decided to help people instead of making them walk the plank. Read about his journey to bring justice to pirates everywhere.

I Love My Pirate Papa By Laura Leuck – A rhyming story about what it would be like to grow up on a pirate ship.

Pirates vs. Cowboys by Aaron Reynolds – After looting all the ships around, Burnt Beard the Pirate and his crew are looking for a place to bury their treasure. They head inland only to run into a gang of rustlers. The two groups can’t understand each other talk and that’s a recipe for trouble.

Do Pirates Take Baths? By Kathy Tucker – Well, do they? The mysteries of pirate life are reveled in this short collection of pirate poems.


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  1. A lot of these are new to us so I’ll be checking them out. One of our favourite books is The Pirates Next Door by Jonny Duddle.

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