About Becky Marie

Becky Marie is a wife and stay at home mom to three little boys living in Central New York State.  Their days are filled with racecars, trains, and super heroes.  The boys learn through every day activities and play in a Montessori inspired environment. When the weather is nice you will find the whole family hiking in the nearby mountains.  After discovering a dairy allergy in her second son, Becky has developed a passion for dairy free nutrition and cooking.  She blogs about motherhood, homeschooling and homemaking at For This Season.  You can connect with her on facebook, twitter, and pinterest.

Make Way for Ducklings: Assessing Reading Comprehension with Hands On Play

With spring approaching, my two little boys have been asking questions in that never-ending style only a preschooler can master. During our last trip to the library we grabbed a stack of books to help us get ready for spring. One of the fast favorites is Make Way For Ducklings by Robert McCloskey. After reading […]

U is for Universe – A Collection of Favorite Books

The Universe is infinite, but the library resources on the universe is not! This year my boys have been studying astronomy, planets, stars, and everything related to the universe through our homeschool co-op. This list is our favorite books that we have used. Many on this list have been checked out multiple times from the […]

O is for Ocean Book List

Fiction Favorites As we study different science themes, I like to select about half a dozen book on the topic to read with my boys. Fiction books help them get excited about a topic before we dive into the science behind it. Below are a few of our favorite ocean theme books. Over in the […]

10 Favorite Pirate Theme Picture Books

Ahoy Mateys! Do ye landlubbers gots any pirating skills? This list of our favorite pirate books should get you started on your journey to become a pirate. Daring adventures, tales of the sea, and countless chests of treasure await you in the pages below. I hope you enjoy these books as much as we did! […]

20 Favorite Picture Books for Winter {With Printable Book List}

With the cold weather around our parts the past few weeks, the boys and I have enjoyed snuggling under blankets to read together. It was fun to discover so many stories about how different people (and animals) act on a snow day. The Mitten Retold by Jim Aylesworth – What will happen when a little […]