8 Ways to Show Love to Your Library {including tips for special needs}

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We here at The Library Adventure love libraries. My guess is, since you’re a reader here, you probably love libraries, too. And how could our essential libraries run without some amazing librarians?

If you frequent the library as a family and want to show a little love back to your library as well as the librarians within it, try one of the ideas below.

8 Ways to Show Love to Your Library and Librarians {plus, ideas for kids with special needs to participate} - LibraryAdventure.com

8 Ways to Show Love to Your Library and Librarians

  • Give a “thank you” card. Yes, it’s a simple idea. But a simple “thank you” can brighten a librarian’s day. Plus, it offers positive feedback, letting him or her know the work they do is appreciated. Want a card idea? Try this “Handprint High-Five Card” craft. Young kids, older kids, and kids with special needs can participate.
  • Donate books. Libraries acquire many books, but they also still take donations! Check with your local library to find out details and submission guidelines. Your kids can help pick a few favorite books to purchase for your library or to donate from their own stash.
  • Attend library events. Librarians work hard to put special events together (including story time). Your attendance means you value their work and shows librarians their work benefits the community. If you have a child with special needs and attending events in a (quiet!) library can be challenging, I hear you. I wrote 5 ideas to help sensory seekers (and other special needs) in the library just for you. For more encouragement, here are 10 reasons why you should go to storytime.
  • Ask your librarian for help! Librarians are there to help you! Ask for a book suggestion. Ask about a reading strategy. Ask for a book title that could be used as a gift for your cousin’s daughter who loves rock climbing and peanut butter. Ask!
  • Tell your librarian something specific he or she has done to help your family, whether it was a program you attended or a book suggestion the librarian offered. We all like praise, right? Well, like teachers, librarians don’t always get specific feedback. We all grow when we learn specific ways we are doing our jobs well, plus ways we can improve. Tell your librarian in person, in a card, in an email, or on the phone.
  • Send an email to your librarian’s supervisor. Katie, one of our team writers here, and her husband are librarians and mentioned this as one of the best ways to let administration know something positive about one of their employees. Email your library’s administration with specific praise for your librarian or one of the library’s programs.
  • Shop your library’s used book sale. If your local library doesn’t hold an annual used book sale, check with your library district. You’ll get great books for cheap, and you’re supporting your library.
  • Fundraise for your library. As a family, raise funds to donate to your library. Go old-fashioned and set up a lemonade stand. Or hold a group crafting party where neighbors and families from the community pay a small fee to come create a cool craft, then donate that money to the library. Or your kids can create something to sell (potholders, simple knitted items, crafts, etc.) and donate the proceeds to your library. Get creative and pick anything your whole family can be a part of while fundraising. Donating your time and effort to raise money teaches us all how to serve and give thanks.

How have you thanked your library and librarians before? What would you add to this list?

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Caroline is a wife, homeschooling momma to two undeserved blessings (one of whom has special needs), writer, picture book fanatic, decaf coffee drinker, former public school teacher, and major library advocate. In addition to writing posts on special needs here at The Library Adventure, she blogs about family, faith, and books at Under God’s Mighty Hand. (including free printables!), contributes monthly to a couple of other sites, and loves to connect on Twitter.


  1. What would we do without libraries?? This is a great reminder to let the hard-working librarians know we appreciate them. Thank you.


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