About Emily Falke

Emily is a wife, a mother, and a former middle school English teacher. She is a graduate of the Teachers Academy Summer Institute program at The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture and believes that literature is for everyone. As well as reading and writing, she loves to knit, bake bread, practice yoga, and spend time with her family in the great outdoors. You can find out more about Emily by reading her blog or connecting with her on Pinterest and Instagram.

Books for Animal-Loving Tweens and Teens (A Gift Guide)

I got the idea for this gift guide from reading and reviewing Seekers: The Quest Begins. There are a lot of great books about animals and our relationship with them for middle grade students and young adults, this really is just a small sampling. Many of these are series with multiple titles to explore, even […]

Seekers: The Quest Begins (a Review)

When I was teaching 6th grade Language Arts, I had a few students who were real super-readers.  I remember talking to a couple of the boys about Erin Hunter’s Warriors series.  “It’s about cats?” I asked them.  “Really?”  They assured me that they were awesome cats with cool powers and such.  Still, I could never quite […]

The Folk Keeper: A Middle Grade Book Review

The Library Adventure uses affiliate links, see our policies page for more information. The Folk Keeper by Franny Billingsley (2001) is a lovely coming-of-age fantasy novel for middle grade readers.  Well-written and interesting, it is the story of  Corinna Stonewall, an orphan girl posturing as a boy in order to be a folk keeper – one […]