Books for Animal-Loving Tweens and Teens (A Gift Guide)

I got the idea for this gift guide from reading and reviewing Seekers: The Quest Begins. There are a lot of great books about animals and our relationship with them for middle grade students and young adults, this really is just a small sampling. Many of these are series with multiple titles to explore, even […]

Books for Boys (a Gift Guide)

Let me start with an admission: I don’t have any boys. For help in compiling this list, I asked my three girls what the boys in their classes liked to read and I checked out some library lists. I also remembered books I had previously bought for my friends’ sons and my own nephew. There […]

Books for Kids Who Don’t Sit Still (a Gift Guide)

I started reading to my babies the day they were born. My first son was always willing to have a cuddle and read a book. My second son was a different story! Once he learned to move on his own he had no interest whatsoever in sitting down to listen to a book. I had […]

Books for Adult Readers (A Gift Guide)

Books are always a great gift idea. I’ve compiled some of my favorites. I hope you like them! Merry Christmas to all of our Library Adventure Readers! Fun Fiction: The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman: Neil Gaiman captures a world of wonder and mystery in this short novel. Many read […]

Books for Kids with Special Needs {A Gift Guide}

Each child with special needs exhibits his or her uniqueness and needs in different ways from another. Likewise, each child wants and needs different things from books, too. So, while I can’t offer the ultimate list of book best for every child with special needs, here are just a few of our favorites, especially for […]