Interrupted: A Life Beyond Words (a review)

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Interrupted: A Life Beyond Words {Review} - A lovely book for your teenage daughter |

Title – Interrupted: A Life Beyond Words
Author – Rachel Coker
Genre – Fiction
Publication – 2012

Life can be so full of the same routines and happenings that we often take for granted the things we value the most, our family. It isn’t until something completely out of the ordinary happens or a life-changing experience takes place that our lives are interrupted. We finally slow down and see things with new eyes. Sometimes, we don’t like the interruptions and treat them like a nuisance, but at other times, our lives can be completely changed for the good.

The book, Interrupted: A Life Beyond Words, was an amazing story that captures the reader’s heart, when one learns about the interruption of this child’s life and how it changed her life for the better.

Alcyone (Al-cee-o-nee) Everly, a teenage girl in the 1940’s, has become her mother’s care-giver when she becomes ill. Alcyone, didn’t quite know how to handle her mother’s break-downs and forgetfulness sometimes, but she did what she could. When her annoying neighbor friend comes over, Alcyone, also known as, Allie, becomes prideful and snotty when help is offered or a gift is given. Unfortunately, Allie becomes an orphan and is ushered away and given to a woman, who wants to be her mother. Allie despised this woman. She doesn’t want her love or give the lady any sort of hope that she would ever love her adopted mother. When her old, annoying neighbor visits for the summer, Allie comes to the realization that she wants to change, and in the end, she is so full of love and happiness that she begins to build a relationship with her “mother” and finds that her heart has room enough to love and accept everyone!

I loved this book so much. It has such an amazing story outline that captivates the readers and is easily relatable for teenage girls. Sometimes, when I was reading this book, I often wondered, “Did the author write the story of my life?” I loved how clean the story was, with no swearing and inappropriate behavior between boys and girls. I thought the author was a genius how she put some gentle romance in it and the truth of Christianity throughout the story!

A couple of years ago, I met the author at a Homeschool Conference and was so inspired to hear that she was a teenager! How amazing is that? At that time I had not even heard of this book, but after talking with Rachel Coker, the author, I wanted to buy it right there and then…which I did. Best money spent. I love reading fictitious books, and this one has to be close to the top…

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