About Cassondra Freeman

Cassondra blogs at Beyond the Cover, where she writes about her passions: reading, writing, and homeschooling. Ever since she was a young child, reading was more than just a past-time, it was a hobby. After Cassondra’s graduation, she began blogging, where she loves sharing her love of books, making booklists, and writing about her homeschool years for those who want to learn and be encouraged.

Sir Kendrick and the Castle of Bel Lione (a Review)

Parents often look for books that will teach their children good characteristics, such as faithfulness, truth, and helping others. True, most of the parents are looking for these types of books for their toddlers and preschoolers, but your teen could learn just as much, maybe even more, reading books that teach character, as your little […]

Kingdom’s Dawn: A Review

Finding really great books for Christian teen boys is sort of a difficult task. There really aren’t many books out there on the market that are both Christian and contain good action scenes throughout the books. I know this, because my brother never really found any books that interested him, because they were either boring, […]

Gideon’s Gift: A Story of Love (A Review)

Winter is still in full swing in most parts of the country, which calls for a good book to cuddle up with in front of a roaring fire, with a festive mug full of hot cocoa. The book I’m reviewing today would be a great add to your to read list for December or so. […]

12 Books on My To Read List this Year

I love reading books. I’m a bibliophile. There are so many books out there that I want to read and sometimes I just don’t have the time…but this next year, I want to make a point of reading something every month, whether it is just one book or a series. I have some books that […]

Chasing Jupiter by Rachel Coker (a review)

“I just want everyone to be happy again…” These were the words spoken by 16 year old, Scarlett Blaine. Those are simple words, but the pain was real. So much had been going on in Scarlett’s young life for so long. Quarrels. A “challenged” brother. A mentally-ill grandfather. School. Responsibilities. So many things to do, […]