Gideon’s Gift: A Story of Love (A Review)

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Gideon's Gift: A Story of Love

Winter is still in full swing in most parts of the country, which calls for a good book to cuddle up with in front of a roaring fire, with a festive mug full of hot cocoa.

The book I’m reviewing today would be a great add to your to read list for December or so. Or read it now. Your choice.

Gideon’s Gift: A Love Story

This story is one of my favorite holiday books. Ever. I have read it three Christmases in a row, and will hope to read it every Christmas. It is just that good!

The book begins with an old, homeless man, who cares about nothing, except a pair of red gloves, which he hides, deep inside his old, mangy, and stinky coat. The gloves were from his deceased wife, who made them just for him.  It had been ten years now. Ten years since the night the old man, Big Earl Gibson’s, wife and daughter died. Ten years since he had lived on the streets. Ten years since he had any joy in his life, other than every night, when he slept under his tarp, wearing his red woolen gloves.

One morning, Big Earl was robbed of his gloves. He cried like he hadn’t cried in years. He thought his life was over…until he met Gideon.

Gideon was an eight year old girl, whose big eyes, spotted the sad old man in the corner of the mission. She wanted to make him smile, but all he did was say cruel things.

The girl was no stranger to disappointment, seeing how she was a leukemia patient. Her parents didn’t know if she would survive this Christmas, but they wanted to make her as happy as they could. They didn’t want her going to the mission and feeding a bunch of homeless folks, but Gideon insisted. She wanted to make people happy.

Gideon kept trying to make Big Earl believe in the miracle of Christmas, but as much as she tried, Big Earl ignored her. With her last hope, Gideon bought Big Earl Gibson a gift…a gift that will forever change both of their lives. A gift that will turn into a miracle.

Each time I read this book I get teary-eyed. It is just so good. It states that Christmas is the time of miracles. And even though it is a Christmas book, the themes of love fit for this time of year as well.

The book, Gideon’s Gift, is super amazing. It is also written by the wonderful, Karen Kingsbury. She has written three other books in The Red Glove Collection.

Find it in your library!

  • Title: Gideon’s Gift
  • Author: Karen Kingsbury
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Publication: 2002
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