Meet Kim Alberts, Children’s/YA Librarian

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Meet Kim Alberts, Children's/YA Librarian
This month, The Library Adventure welcomes Kim Alberts, Children’s/YA Librarian at the Hudson Library & Historical Society in Hudson, Ohio. Here are Kim’s comments about her library, her career, and her favorite resources.

Meet Kim Alberts, Children's/YA Librarian

Kim Alberts

The Library Adventure: Please give a brief description of your current position

Kim: Children’s/YA Librarian – I get to do everything from lapsit story time to anime club…sometimes in one day! I’m also a member of our library’s Emerging Technology Team, so I also get to come up with innovative ways to incorporate technology into both the department and the library as a whole.

TLA:  Whom does your library serve?

Kim: We serve a wide range of patrons in a suburban, fairly conservative community. They are made up of everyone from newborns to the elderly.

TLA: What is unique about your library and/or its collection?

Kim: We have a prominent family, the Morgans, in town that supports entrepreneurship and small businesses. They have generously donated to the library so that we are able to provide various resources and programs specifically for those interested in small business. We’ve also spring-boarded off of those resources to host a teen “Shark Tank” program. Teens attended weekly workshops led by the staff to learn all about basic business concepts. They then created a product and business plan to pitch to a panel of experts from Hudson as well as Kent State University.

In addition, we are working toward being on the forefront of technology in the community. We were chosen to be a Google Explorer and received Google Glass for our patrons to test out before they became available publicly. We are also in the process of turning one of our study rooms into a Digital Media Lab with the intention of giving our patrons a community space to create and share content.

TLA: Describe your path to librarianship.

Kim: I grew up in the library. My mother would take me there weekly and I would fill up my long, skinny arms with books. In school, I would beg the librarian to let me help stamp the due dates or file cards back into the card catalog (remember those?). Looking back, it was predestined that I would spend my life in a library.

I received my B.A. in Theatre and Business Administration from Baldwin-Wallace in 2004. I had big plans to become a famous costume designer and worked in a costume shop from 2004 to 2008. One day, the woman who was responsible for all of the wigs came to me and asked if I would be willing to go to a local library and lead a makeup workshop for a teen drama club there. I had the time and had course assisted for my college stage makeup class, so I felt confident in taking the job. While I was there, something compelled me to speak to the teen librarian about how she got into her field. That’s when it clicked: I should become a librarian! I took a leap of faith and began my M.L.I.S. the next year, graduating in 2010.

TLA: What is one thing you wish library users knew?

Kim: I wish that they knew more about all of the different kinds of things we can do for them. We aren’t just people who sit behind the desk whose main purpose is to physically find items on the shelf or to point them toward the restrooms. I wish they knew all of the hats that we have to wear daily: storyteller, social worker, reading adviser, homework helper, program planner, mess cleaner, etc. To put it plainly, I wish they would take more advantage of our many skills.

TLA: Give a quick plug for a favorite library resource.

Kim: I LOVE the Juvenile Series and Sequels page on the Mid-Continent Public Library website. Not only does it assist me with my collection development, it’s a great resource when a child comes up to the desk and wants “number ______ in the _____ series” but doesn’t know the title. You can easily search by series title, series subject, book title, or title author.

I also want to plug Jbrary’s YouTube channel. When I am planning my story times and I’m in need of a new rhyme or if I can’t remember the words/tune to a song, that’s the first place I look. They have a plethora of ideas on their site to choose from and they update it constantly!

Thanks so much to Kim for participating in our interview! You can visit Kim online at her blog, Literary Commentary. If you work in a library and would like to be interviewed for a future post, please fill out our interest form.

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