15 Tips for Story Time Crafting

My Story Times are held in a library that was never intended to accommodate children. Or women for that matter, but that is a different post! Of course since 1760 we have made many improvements and for many, many, many years have encouraged and embraced having children (and women) join us! Including a craft in our […]

Opening & Closing Songs for Story Time!

Opening and Closing or Hello and Goodbye songs are staples of Story Time! In addition to being fun they provide structure for your group. I usually keep my beginning and ending songs the same every week, but now and then it is fun to mix things up a bit! Looking for a new or different […]

10 Transportation and Truck Titles for Toddlers

Babies and toddlers LOVE trucks, trains, planes and automobiles!  Here are a few of our favorite books on this beloved subject: 1.  Freight Train by David Crews I love this book for toddlers! A great read aloud and it is always fun to name the train car colors. Very simple text, bright, eye-catching drawings. If […]

Books My Book Club Actually Discussed

I am lucky to have been a part of an incredible book club for the last 10 years. We are over 40 women strong and meet once a month. Usually the host picks the book title and everyone brings a treat to share and a bottle of wine. It is rare that all forty of […]

Story Time Extras on a Budget

This January I got the opportunity to attend a bit of the American Library Association Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia. I had so much fun!! In addition to getting a bunch of free pre-publication books, I got to also sit in on a Guerrilla Storytime workshop! Guerrilla Storytime was developed by the amazing folks at the […]