101 Story Time Crafts for ages 1-6

Here are 101 Story Time crafts that are age-appropriate, easily adapted, food-free, washable, easy to prep, non-toxic, non-choking hazard, crafts that are not overly messy and cost very little! I have listed theme and book suggestions as well! Note: Some of these crafts contain googly eyes or small pieces of pipe cleaner, which are a […]

I Love to Watch You Read

Encouragement That Works A few months ago I read a great article about encouraging young athletes. Bruce E. Brown and Rob Miller of Proactive Coaching, LLC have spent the last 30 years coaching kids, coaching coaches, and coaching parents. In an informal survey of hundreds of college and professional athletes Brown and Miller discovered a […]

Books for Kids Who Don’t Sit Still (a Gift Guide)

I started reading to my babies the day they were born. My first son was always willing to have a cuddle and read a book. My second son was a different story! Once he learned to move on his own he had no interest whatsoever in sitting down to listen to a book. I had […]

7 Ways to Make Story Time More Fun for Everyone

I have a unique perspective of  Story Time behavior.  I run Story Times for my local library and I bring my 3 1/2 year old to my preschool programs. I have to say I haven’t seen a lot of these problems in my own Story Times…except from my own son!  Trust me when I say […]

Can’t Find a Story Time? START ONE!

Can’t find a Story Time? Have tried your local library, books shops and recreation programs? If you still can’t find one, or if you are working in a library that does not provide Story Time programming, then why not start one of your own? Story Times come in a large variety of shapes, forms and […]