Books for Kids with Special Needs {A Gift Guide}

Each child with special needs exhibits his or her uniqueness and needs in different ways from another. Likewise, each child wants and needs different things from books, too. So, while I can’t offer the ultimate list of book best for every child with special needs, here are just a few of our favorites, especially for […]

3 Picture Books That Can Benefit Typical-Developing Kids AND Kids with Special Needs

The Library Adventure uses affiliate links, please see our disclosure for more info. Once children experience how reading allows quality time with a person they admire and love (whether that’s at 6 months old or 6 years old) while learning or being entertained, most love flipping through a book. The same is true for kids […]

5 Ideas to Help Sensory Seekers Focus in the Library

(Disclosure: Affiliate links are included in this post. For more information, visit our Policies page. Thank you for supporting The Library Adventure team!) We usually think of the library as a quiet place, right? The sound of pages flipping, soft carpet to muffle footsteps, hushed voices. Most kids associate the library as a place to […]