10 Middle Grade Novels Set in Upstate New York

The books in today’s list are all middle grade novels set in upstate New York. Use these titles to broaden your middle grade reader’s knowledge of New York State, and/or give your young upstate natives a chance to see their neck of the woods represented in print. As Simple As It Seems by Sarah Weeks […]

20 Literacy Activities for Kids Who Love Dogs

August 26 is National Dog Day. If you have a dog, or your child wishes you did, commemorate the day with these fun dog-themed literacy activities. Play dog show. (See my pet show game for ideas!) Sing BINGO. Design a dog collar, and write your dog’s name on it. Sing Where Oh Where Has My […]

Meet Jess Crutchley, Storyville Coordinator

Each month, The Library Adventure profiles a library professional. This month, we’re talking with Jess Crutchley, who works for the Rosedale Branch of Baltimore County Public Library, where she is the Storyville Coordinator. The Library Adventure: Please give a brief description of your current position. Jess: I am in charge of coordinating all of the […]

20 Songs to Develop Literacy Skills in Kids Ages 0 to 5

Singing with little ones is a fun and easy way to help them develop literacy skills long before they’re ready to sit down and read a book. You can make sing-alongs a regular part of your day by incorporating them into your family’s routine. Below are some suggestions for songs to sing first thing in […]

The Library Adventure’s Quick Guide to Literary Genres

The most popular way to categorize literature is by genre. Today’s post is a crash course in understanding genres and in recognizing the category to which a given book belongs. As books in each genre are published for both adults and children, each definition below is accompanied by several examples at a variety of levels. […]