15 Ways to Find 15 Minutes to Read

I try to incorporate literacy tips at each of my Story Times. Recent research has emphasized the importance of reading to children for at least 15 minutes every day, but when I suggest this I usually see grown ups roll their eyes and hear groans and complaints about how hard it is to find 15 […]

The Library Adventure’s Quick Guide to Literary Genres

The most popular way to categorize literature is by genre. Today’s post is a crash course in understanding genres and in recognizing the category to which a given book belongs. As books in each genre are published for both adults and children, each definition below is accompanied by several examples at a variety of levels. […]

Using Picture Books to Prepare for a Family Trip

Many kids with special needs thrive on a routine. (And, really, so do many typical-developing kids…and adults!) When the routine needs to change for a family trip, it can help drastically to prepare in various ways. Of course, picture books can help with that! When we go on a planned family trip, I usually gather […]

Learning Activities for Look Up! Bird-Watching in Your Own Backyard

Young kids love to get outdoors and explore. They run, play, learn, and enjoy all through exploration. Adults might take certain aspects of nature for granted, whereas young kids view them with great awe and wonder. As parents, teachers, and librarians, we can grab that natural awe and help it blossom into fruitful knowledge and gratitude […]

52 Science-Themed Literacy Activities for Kids {with Printable Deck of Cards}

This summer, libraries across the country are celebrating science with the 2014 Collaborative Summer Library Program’s, Fizz, Boom, Read! Today, I’m sharing a printable deck of cards featuring 52 different science-themed literacy activities that will go along with this theme. Read the list of activities, then scroll down to view and print the cards for […]