Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (a Book Review)

My daughter and I have been ploughing through the Percy Jackson series this summer, and only have one more book to go. I feel the same sense of eagerness and dread I felt when starting Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – eagerness to find out what happens next and to meet up with favorite […]

Aliens on Vacation (a Review)

The concept which begins this story is one used in many mid-grade stories (parents can’t avoid having to leave for a long period of time and have to ‘dump’ the main character on an unfamiliar relative/friend). However, this time there is a whole new, funny twist to the idea. David’s parents are busy professionals and […]

What The World Eats (a Review)

Food, glorious food! Food – in all its glorious diversity – plays an important role in our daily lives and affects not only our health but also our lifestyles. Sharing meals is a large part of being a family, and most people would say the kitchen is the heart of their home. Many childhood memories involve […]

Books for Boys (a Gift Guide)

Let me start with an admission: I don’t have any boys. For help in compiling this list, I asked my three girls what the boys in their classes liked to read and I checked out some library lists. I also remembered books I had previously bought for my friends’ sons and my own nephew. There […]

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (a Review)

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is written by Barbara Robinson. If, like me, you haven’t met the Herdman family before, you are in for a real treat. This family of six feral children punch, lie, steal, set fire to things and generally cause mischief all around the town: “They were just so all-around awful you […]