8 Books About Gardens

With Summer upon us, I thought it was only fitting to bring you my favorite collection of Books About Gardens. These books are so fun and make you want to plant your own garden! Gardening is a great activity you can do with your children (big or small), so enjoy these books and hopefully you […]

Science Books for Adults – Summer Reading Fun

Why should kids get to have all the science summer fun? As I was searching out some cool science books for kids last month, I came across a recommendation for a book targeted at dads and BOOM, a post was born. Here is a selection of science books for adults that I found at my […]

Folktales, Fairy Tales, Fables, and More

What exactly is a folktale? A folktale is a story or legend handed down over a long period of time. They often explain something that happens in nature or relates a truth about life. Often, there is a moral to the story. They may explain how something came to be. The characters are often people […]

11 Science Books for Hands-On Summer Reading Fun

Most summer reading programs this summer will feature a science theme, with a good chunk of them using Collaborative Summer Library Program‘s Fizz, Boom, Read. We have a Pinterest board to gather ideas and resources for this, be sure to check out our Fizz, Boom, Read board. Follow The Library Adventure’s board Fizz Boom Read […]

10 Picture Books About Zoo Animals

Preschoolers love reading about zoo animals. Share these books with your young animal lovers! Bruno Munari’s Zoo by Bruno Munari Visit a kangaroo, a zebra, a camel and more in this illustrated tour of the zoo. Dancing Feet by Lindsey Craig and Marc Brown Each animal dances in a unique rhythm in this catchy book […]